Pure whimsy with extra high doses of goodness of humanity.

This Paddington does something several levels above the previous one.  It really manages to create the “story-book come to life” feeling with some amazing cgi sequences that realise Paddington’s ideas and memories.  He is, for the most part, still that loveable family dog trapped in a talking bear body on a mission of hilarious adventures.

Where it begins to get really special is with Hugh Grant’s delightful baddy, leading to Paddington’s incarceration in prison.  There is so much time in this movie spent of small set-ups that end up having great pay-offs later in the film, and every character, even the baddies, get to experience winning by the end.  I’m a “pure goodness of humanity” crier, and I was super wet with happy tears at one point, only to be outdone by another happy-crier I know who ended up sobbing heavily at several special moments along the way.  Hooray for Bear-Aunties!

J* gives it 5 stars.
(repost of 2017 review)

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